10 Budget Design Tips That Make Your Bedroom Complete

No matter how hard you try, you will never suppress the urge to decorate your bedroom. Just when you think there is nothing more you can do in your room you get some new inspiration or get a feeling that you want something different. However, in most cases the need to make changes in the bedroom are impromptu and so they may not be in your budget.

This should not prevent you from breathing some new life into your bedroom as there are many affordable DIY updates for your bedroom. The best part about these DIY upgrades is that you already have everything that you will need in your bedroom.

1. Faux Headboard

Finding the right fabric to upholster your headboard can be very challenging. This is especially so if you do not have enough cash to buy the right one. However, this should not worry you as you can simply paint one in the color that you like. You can choose to have a nail-head, a pattern or a solid color as the cost remains the same regardless of what you choose. The idea behind this is to choose what you like the most. There are several inspiration ideas on Pinterest.

2. Faux Frame

A faux frame will add a twist to a naked standing mirror and hence contributing to the beauty of your bedroom instead of buying expensive frame add an artistic touch to your bedroom by painting an exquisite faux frame around your mirror.

3. Painted Side Table

painted night stands before and after

Painting is perhaps the best and easiest way to integrate new furniture into your home decor or update your old furniture with your new decor. However, the paint will cover up a gorgeous antique, and so you should not paint its top part so that it maintains its originality. Leaving the top of the side table or any other old furniture unpainted helps to preserve its originality while still ensuring it integrates well with your home decor.

4. Hardware Upgrade

Small things that may look insignificant like changing the pulls of antique drawers will make a big difference in the bedroom. You can replace your antique drawer pulls with modern silver pulls, or if you have modern drawers, you can give them an antique knob. This will not cost you much, but it will give your bedroom a unique and stylish appearance.

5. Chalkboard Wall

A chalkboard wall is s perfect idea for your focal wall. Besides this, it is also unique and fun to paint. To make this wall all you need to do is to brush or spray an entire wall with chalkboard paint. Once you have the chalkboard wall painted you can use for inspiration or draw art on it.

6. Wall Decals

Home decor magazines display fabulous colors and pattern, but you might not be bold enough to experiment within your home. However, you can use decals to give your walls some degree of flair and personality. Decals will also give you the courage to experiment with some of those wallpapers that you admire in magazines.

7. Decorative Books

An open shelf of books in different colors and shapes can complement your home’s decor. To make the books look exquisite and in tune with the decor of the room, you should cover them with colorful or patterned papers. However, you should be careful with the color choice because a wrong choice will make the books look out of place in the room.

8. Painted Hooks

Finding hooks made from everyday materials such as plastic, chrome or iron is very easy since they are available in most hardware, antique or decor stores. However, making them fit the decor of your room is not as easy. Painting can save you the pain of trying to make the hooks match with the theme of the room. Choose a suitable paint and change the color of the hooks to conform to the rooms’ decor and the hooks will also serve as wall accents.

9. Dyed Cushions

Tie-dyed cushions will offer you a way to get funky with your bedroom decor. There are many ways to tie-dye cushions, and they do not have to be perfect. All you need to do is to bring out that tie-dyed look that creates prints, stripes and color blocks. If you are scared to perform the tie-dye process then just get some remnant pieces of fabric and sew or tie new pillow covers for your bed and/or chairs in bedroom.

tie-dyed pillow case

painted night stands before and after

10. Re-covered Lampshade

Even the oldest light fixture can become a showstopper if you cover it with a new fabric. This simple decorating idea also provides you with a great way to use that small but beautiful leftover scrap of fabric that you cannot afford to buy for your bed or walls.

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