5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying An Online Mattress

A large number of available options make the selection of a mattress a difficult and time-consuming task for anyone.  The choices mattress shopper face include: box spring vs. a platform bed, an innerspring, latex, or memory foam construction, and a firm or plush comfort level.

In addition, it is not easy to compare mattresses between different stores, since each store may identify the same mattress by different model numbers.  Other decisions to make involve the additional costs of delivery and setup of the mattress and choosing between the bed frame and box spring, the choice of the mattress cover and the disposal of the old mattress.

These considerations can add up to several thousand dollars. Unfortunately, sampling a mattress by lying on it for a minute or two in a store, is hardly the way to determine how suitable it is for the customer.

Mattress shopping online can eliminate unnecessary and time-consuming driving around from one store to another to view and test mattresses.

Online And Offline Retailers Change The Way To Shop For Mattresses

New approaches to shopping for a mattress have been initiated by several offline and online retailers.

One such company is Casper.com. This company has showrooms in Los Angeles and New York and offers mattresses at a starting price of $500 for a twin size, 100-night free trial and free shipping to U.S. and Canada locations.

If a customer is not satisfied with his mattress within the first 100 days of purchase, Casper will remove the mattress from the customer’s address and refund the purchase price. Casper may either recycle or donate the mattress depending on the local city regulations.

casper mattress unpacking

Tuft & Needle, with showrooms in Phoenix, Arizona, is another online start-up retailer that offers a free 30-night trial of its mattresses. Other innovative mattress retailers include Alexander Nest, Helix, Leesa, and Bear Mattress.

Consumers are always urged to rest test a mattress before purchase, but this option is not possible with all online retailers.

It has not been proven that any one type of mattress is better than any another, and medical advice normally given is that the best mattress for anyone is the one that will provide him with between seven and nine hours of uninterrupted sleep every night.

Also, because a mattress is perfect for one person, does not mean it will be good for another.

Tuft & Needle mattress

1. Challenging Decisions Couples Face When Selecting A Mattress

For couples, the decision to purchase the right mattress to meet both their needs becomes even more difficult.  When the comfort levels and needs of bed partners are different from one another, a good solution would be to select a bed with control options on each side so the comfort level of each side can be customized for the consumer separately from that of the other.

Yet another option would be to use two twin beds pushed together, where the comfort level of each bed is different to suit the consumer.  With brick and mortar mattress retailers, the consumer not only has the option of rest testing the mattress, but they also have the option, at least more easily, to haggle for a better price.

Despite that, online retailers already provide much better and competitive prices, so there is no need for haggling.

2. Look For Online Reviews Of Mattresses

Because online mattress reviews are the opinion of purchasers, they can be helpful in deciding the merits of different mattresses. A consumer should pay particular attention to those reviews that provide top-ratings for qualities such as workmanship and quality as well as those that address his own needs and comfort level. He should look for descriptions that discuss relative softness or firmness, for example.

Two such review sites are:

SleepDelivered.com :
This site reviews only online mattress retailers, it is mobile-compatible, provides in-depth reviews and assigns ratings.

This site is well established online and provides reviews for a wide variety of mattresses. It is best viewed on the computer since it is not very mobile friendly.

3. Research Online Retailers In Other Channels

Before a consumer decides on a mattress from a particular retailer, he should look up the retailer in the Better Business Bureau to see if there are repetitive complaints made by former customers.

The occasional complaint should not be a deterrent, but the retailer’s responses to complaints should be indicative of the type of business the retailer runs.  Responses from the retailer to complaints that show an interest in understanding and resolving the issues show good customer service and concern.

A consumer should also look at the retailer’s presence in social media and should look at the retailer’s Twitter feed and his Facebook page. Does the retailer deal with criticism by ignoring or deleting them, or does the retailer respond with care and concern?

4. Importance Of The Return Policy

The details of a retailer’s return policy can be a deal-breaker, and this should be looked at and questioned, regardless of the type of mattress or where it will be purchased.  Even if a consumer rest tested a mattress, that is no guarantee that it will provide a restful uninterrupted sleep for seven to nine hours.

The consumer may want to return it, so knowing if he has to take it to the nearest UPS location, or if the retailer will pick it up for free or for a charge, are issues that must be known ahead of time.  Also, how will the retailer process a refund to the consumer, and will there be a charge for restocking the mattress?

5. Disposal Of The Old Mattress

Often a retailer will dispose of the old mattress when the new mattress is delivered, sometimes for a fee or sometimes for free.  If the consumer must dispose of the old mattress himself, he has the option of donating it, and the company it is being donated to will pick it up themselves for free.

Also, in many cities, the mattress may qualify for the monthly bulk-items trash pickup, but you should call and schedule the pick-up.

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