Perfect Bed Designs For Small Bedrooms

Elegant Bed Design Ideas

There are two things that you can do with your bed in a room of modest proportions
• You can make the room look bigger by doubling up items in the room.
• You can save space and double it up as a home office or study.

What one needs to keep in mind while designing the interiors of a small room is to create ample storage units and create more visual room. If your closet covers one entire side of the room, you can use mirrors to create more visual space.

Another great idea it so to have storage underneath your bed by doing away with the legs and replace them with drawers. Nightstands can be replaced with storage shelves and then have the lights fixed on the shelf. Smart storage options would hide away all the mess. Every small detail will make a huge difference. For a small bedroom, as the name suggests, the most important aspect is the bed.

Beds That Save Space

Coming up with smart bed designs is when you have to think out of the box. Now, how can one do that? How about creating a snoozing spot in an area that you would have planned to use it for something else?

Interesting, isn’t it? Here are a few smart ideas that would help you to craft a space-saving bed for a small bedroom.

Bed Designs for Small Bedrooms

• Under The Staircase

If you have a unutilized area under the staircase, a custom made bed can snugly fit into the alcove under the stairs. While custom is making this bed, you can incorporate under-bed storages, and also design over-bed storages that run beside the stairs.

• Utilizing Space Under A Sloping Roof For Bunk Beds

There is always a whole lot of space under a sloping roof that can be used. You can incorporate a set of storage shelves beside the beds that saves a lot of space and can also double up as a bookshelf or so.

Bunk beds are a great idea to get more area in the room.

• Getting The Bed Up

Moving the bedding area up might be unconventional, but you will end up finding a lot of room to double up a lot of things. Primarily, the space below the bed can be used as a clothes rail or even have storage shelves.

• Mezzanine Level Beds

Mezzanine level beds are always a winner. For double height homes, you can make good use of the space by hiding a bedroom in the rafters.

Even with a bed design that would take up half the mezzanine, there would still be enough room for two.

• Roll-Away Beds

These beds are another great idea to create more space. You can roll your bed under a platform, and double up the platform as a small office or study. Custom crafted beds would fit in effortlessly as you would have it designed to fit in appropriately.

• Sofa Bed

Sofa beds are another great idea for smaller bedrooms. They double up as a sofa whenever you need one.

sofa cum beds

• Murphy Bed

Murphy beds are a great addition to small bedrooms because they can be tucked away easily. Murphy beds can easily be disguised as attractive closets that come with faux drawer fronts and door.

• Flip Beds

Another innovative idea of bed is called a flip bed. On one side you would have a fixed mattress. Flip the entire bed up effortlessly and that would double up as a desk for you to work.

Space saving designs boil down to positioning beds cleverly. Designing a small bedroom is not just about having attractive interiors. One should be conscious about space as well so that the result would be a combination of generous visual space, sufficient storage, and smart design.

Lack of space does not mean that you have to give up on class and elegance. No matter how smart and how elegant, small rooms will need to be kept uncluttered and clean. They can appear as grand and comfortable as any other bedroom with ample space.

For maximizing your bedroom space, there is no shortage of smart solutions. All it takes is some proper planning and some smart ideas with positioning beds.

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