The Best Contemporary Bedroom Design Ideas

The bedroom is no longer just a place solely for sleep. Many of us are looking to make better use of the space to create a room that we want to spend more time in.  There are three different approaches in contemporary bedroom designs that take very different directions.

The most interesting part is that, while there are many shared ideas among them, the main themes are almost complete opposites.

On one side we have the calm, muted and tranquil retreat, that homeowners can turn to for a break from the world. On the other, there is the idea of the multipurpose room with everyone’s needs in one place. In the middle, there is a trend towards personality and quirks that dare designers to be bold with bedroom designs.

Creating A Minimalist Look For A Calm Retreat

The appeal of this first trend in contemporary bedroom designs all depends on the desired purpose of the room. Many of us have a growing need for a place of refuge away from the modern world. It is so hard to find a place where we can disconnect and unwind for a short while.

A bedroom should be the ideal place with the right décor. Also, a minimalist bedroom with few appliances and distractions should help with sleep hygiene for those that struggle with their daily routine. There are ways to transform a bedroom into this serene retreat with enough bravery.

Contemporary Bedroom Design Ideas

The first consideration with this type of room is the color palette. The obvious choice here is to go for plenty of white on the walls, furnishings, and other items to bring that fresh feel.

The removal of bright, busy blocks of colors calms the room down and provides that sense of serenity. However, designers need to be careful not to overdo things and make the room look too clinical.

The more pleasant option for some will be to add in soft, calming colors to take the edge off. Soft greens and pinks are sure to add to that sense of tranquility.

In addition to this, these colors are also brought out with another of 2017’s bedroom designs trends. That is the use of fresh flowers. A vase on a dresser adds life and freshness in a new way. Finally, it is worth looking at natural fibers in these bedroom designs too.

Creating A Multi-Purpose Room With Everything In One Place

Then there are those that have an entirely different view on what the bedroom should be. If a bedroom is a place of comfort and relaxation, it should have everything that people need in one space.

Luxury within bedroom design is no longer simply down to the choices in colors, fabrics, and accessories. There is a trend towards contemporary bedroom designs creating a sanctuary that resembles a hotel room.

Once it was enough to simply create the look but now designers are including different areas for multiple functions. The basic message is simple: why leave the room unless it is necessary?

It was once enough to have a stylish en-suite bathroom with a master bedroom. Now the trend is to take this further with an area containing appliances that are more at home in the kitchen. This is where this idea of a hotel-style look comes in. It is not about the décor and wall art; it is about the appliances.

Aside unit with a mini-fridge and a coffee maker add that sense of luxury and the best way to grab the first coffee of the day. There are also those that are adding washer/dryer units for laundry needs, but this may be a step too far.

The only concern for homeowners is that these bedroom designs may become so hotel-like that a trip away loses its appeal.

Creating A Bedroom With A Sense Of Personality And Individualism

Whichever option designers take when creating the ideal bedroom for a home, it is important to follow this third rule for modern design trends. The rooms must offer an original expression of personality that gives it a unique edge.

Designers are often asked how a room reflects the owner, and this is more crucial now than ever. This means that the minimalist retreat still retains a sense of individuality without becoming clinical.

2017’s Bedroom Designs Trends

Also, the multi-purpose suite contemporary bedroom designs don’t end up resembling a budget hotel.

There are many different design trends for 2017 that work within this overarching theme. The first is the use of color.

Many designers are finding interesting ways to bring gold into the design, without it getting tacky. This is ideal for the hotel-like suite in need of some high-end vibes.

There is also a call for homeowners and designers to be bold with bedroom designs and pair up with color tones they may not have considered before. These colors and bold ideas for designs and patterns are then reflected in two items making a comeback this year. They are wallpaper and customized headboard and bedding.

The former is great for a bold accent wall that adds some fun and personality to the room. The latter provides a chance to be creative with fabrics and needlework for a unique approach.

What is clear here is that there is something for everyone in these contemporary bedroom designs.

While these ideas are at different ends of the scale – one being zen and minimalist and the other multi-functional and busy – there is room to adapt.

These ideas look at the extreme ways of creating these looks, potentially to the point of looking more like a hotel suite or a showroom. But, they provide inspiration for homeowners to create more realistic versions with some of the elements.

Those that want minimalism can choose softer tones and interesting personality quirks without going completely white and bland. Those that want a multipurpose area can choose the facilities that work best without trying to turn one room into a studio apartment.

That is where the trend for creative expression comes into its own. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference with these bedroom designs.

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