Electric Fireplaces: A Legitimate Alternative to Wood or Gas Fireplaces

Fireplaces offer way more than just heat for your home. They add an ambiance, a sense of comfort and a fireplace to be shared with family and friends throughout the year. Curling up by the fireplace is often romantic, and nothing beats a fireplace for removing the winter chill from an area.

More people are choosing to go with electric fireplaces and electric fireplace inserts because the traditional fireplaces do have downsides.

A wood fireplace requires ashes to be frequently removed, and the smoke adds to pollution. Gas fireplaces are costly to operate, require pilot light maintenance and there’s the danger of gas leaks. In either case, your fireplace goes unused throughout most of the year when additional warmth isn’t desired.

What Are Electric Fireplaces? How do they work?

gas fireplace in livingroom

Electric fireplaces are versatile heating systems designed to supply a convenient and environmentally friendly way to heat a room. Using a technique referred to as zone heating these electrical heaters will cut back energy costs. Heat only the rooms you use, once you use them, with the help of your electric fireplace.

Also, electric fireplaces have built-in safety features that make them safer than gas or wood alternatives. Electric fireplace inserts are very simple to install and are available in an extensive selection of designs to suit in with any decorating style. Best of all, the ambiance of a fireplace is enjoyed year round, even throughout the summer months, with the nonobligatory heat settings.

Easy Installation Of Fireplace Heaters

Electric fireplace heaters are simple to install in your existing wood or gas masonry fireplace without the requirement for a contractor. Electrical units are also more economical when used is small rooms compared to comparable gas-powered options.

While electricity rates vary by region, the potency of specific heaters is relatively consistent. In fact, over time your electric fire pays for itself because it protects the atmosphere and provides you with convenient heat and realistic looking flames.

Electric Fireplace Insert

Consider installing an electric fireplace insert when seeking to repurpose your existing gas or wood-burning hearth. Within minutes of putting in one in your room, you can be enjoying soft, warm heat and an unbelievably realistic flame impact.

Source: Dimplex

Selecting The Right Electrical Fireplace Insert For Your Room?

Purchasing an electric fireplace insert comes down to the following steps:

  1. Choose the heating capacity you wish for your room – if any; some inserts only for decoration & don’t heat a room.
  2. Choose the design that best matches your decor: fireplace inserts break down into two styles, fashionable or traditional
  3. Choose the sort of insert you wish for your particular installation: a log insert, a built-in unit (called a “builders box”), or plugin-in unit. See below for proof of those.
  4. Choose the dimensions and trim: measure the dimension of your current fireplace; decide whether or not you want to trim around the edges; do you want glass doors? Etc.
  5. List any “must-have” options you would like, the most common options area remote control, a digital display and a timer.
  6. Buy the most effective value with the features you need.




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