How To Select The Right Frozen Drink Blender For Your Home

The idea of buying a frozen drink blender looks simple, one may assume all devices are created equal, correct? Do not fool yourself. As with so many appliances, buying a blender requires attention and knowledge. There are many models and features available, and you need to understand what is best to have at home depending on how you plan to use the blender.

Think about how you and your family plan to use the blender.  Are you one person making a quick fruit smoothie for breakfast?  Or are you using the blender to serve drinks at your parties? Or are you making homemade baby food? Are you a body-builder making protein shakes?  Blenders basically perform the functions of mixing a liquid or grinding solid food items at high speed.

There are two model types available on the market today, traditional blenders with a pitcher that are attached to a base, and the mixers, which are smaller, portable and can be used with various containers. You really deserve to buy the best blender so follow our tips and get the best option for your needs!

Understand The Blender Differences

Blender X Mixer

Although used for the same function, you can have the two devices at home. The mixer is used for lighter work in order to prepare a vitamin drink fast or a juice, for example. They can be placed in various containers usually are lightweight and very easy to use and clean.

Blenders can now be used both to make light mixtures, as for the heaviest, are practical and essential in any kitchen. Having a Margaritaville blender is always a great option.

But How To Buy The Best Blender Appliance?

When buying the blender, in addition to the brand, it is good to be aware of some features of the handset. Controls, speed, type of glass, capacity, and power make all the difference when choosing a good product.

Getting the right blender machine for you


There are buttons that make your blender actually work. They may be tightening, sliding and rotating. Usually, the tightening is tougher and breaks down less easily.


The apparatus may have from 2 to 10 speed has to beat function and can also provide other functions such as crush ice and “smoothie” function, which serves as recipes for preparing creamy soups, broths, and creams. Opt for devices that have at least several speeds to mix liquid light, intermediate, and heavy.

Type Of Pitchers When You Want To Buy The Best Blender Machine

The blenders can be found in plastic cups, acrylic, glass, and stainless steel. To avoid accidents it is not recommended to use the glass pitchers because one needs to be very careful when handling.  However, acrylic materials are a good option since that does not break as easily. There is one reason to use the glass pitcher if you plan on putting the pitcher in the dishwasher, the plastic pitchers may crackle due to the high-temperature drying cycle. Another reason for glass is for environmental reasons to reduce the use of plastic. Glass and stainless steel cups are indicated for those who prepare many mixtures that use ice since these materials are most resistant. So make sure you weigh the pros and cons in order to buy the best blender machine.

When choosing also pay attention to the capacity of each cup and if they score the amount of liquid the container behaves. If you need to read more you can click here. Large families, for example, need a blender with greater capacity, since a person who lives alone or couple will not need a device with capacity for 2 liters.


Power can be considered the main item to choose the device. You can find potential which may vary from 300 to 850W, the blender with higher power will have higher performance.

Blender Wrap-Up

Following these tips and looking for the best reputable brands it will be easy enough for you to buy the best blender; you will certainly choose a good product and will prepare delicious recipes in your home.

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