How To Give A Luxury Feel To Your Bedroom

Our bedrooms are our personal sacred spaces. And as such, they must be designed with the same care and attention to detail that the room designers of upscale hotels give to their rooms.

Very few things are comparable to the luxurious comfort of a 5-star hotel room. Travelling can be very taxing on our bodies and souls, but when we sink into the soft carpets, sofas, pillows and beds in hotel rooms—our tiredness goes away, and we feel truly pampered.

Now, who wouldn’t want the same experience in their bedroom? The truth is, with some effort and investment in your bedroom design, anyone can achieve the same results to turn their bedrooms into a hotel room experience.

Bedroom Design Starts With Your Bed

Splurge on your bed linens. This is one area where you should not skimp, as the splurge is well worth it. Watch out for the thread count—300 or better yet 400 should be the minimum, Egyptian cotton or Italian linen—to give it a truly luxurious feel.

Hotel Room Pillow

Pillows—Doesn’t everyone love hotel room pillows? Each bed should have at least four European bed pillows, the large kind, not the small decorative throws.

Feather and down. If you cannot or do not want to replace your bed yet, invest in a down comforter and down duvet cover; or a feather mattress or pad for the bed.

The thickness and softness of these pieces will make you feel the difference almost instantly. They cause the “sinking in” sensation that good hotel beds give you.

Surround your bed. A padded headboard is both beautiful and essential for enjoying reading in bed (this is a must!). Matching side tables for your books and cup of coffee in the morning, and then a low bench at the end of your bed to round out the whole look and give you a place for wearing your shoes.

No more fitted sheets. If you’ve ever looked under the bed in your hotel room, you’ll see that they’ve done away with fitted sheets, and are now using slightly larger flat sheets with the corners neatly tucked away. (There are simple tutorials on youtube to teach you how.)

Just don’t forget to put the flat sheet on top in such a way that when you turn it down the correct side is facing upward.

White And Monochrome

Ever notice how many hotel beds have white everything—sheets, pillowcases, comforters, duvet, etc., as white is crisp and classic, and what’s more, is easy to clean with a little bleach. To get an instant upscaling, white is the way to go.

If you don’t go with white, you can also choose one primary color, plus only one other color in a close shade to coordinate other items in your bedroom.

This will not just work for bed linens, investing in the paint of the same shade for the walls and ceilings will tie the whole look in together, and the effect is both cozy and sophisticated at the same time.

Here’s a tip: if your walls are a dark shade—paint the ceiling in the shade 20 percent lighter than the walls.


Bedroom Design Lighting

Lighting is a crucial part of any bedroom design. You will want bedside lamps for reading, of course, and it would also be good to install dimmer switches, with different settings to set the mood, and for maximum relaxation.

You may also want a lighting fixture that’s also an elegant statement piece—a chandelier or a standing or wall-mounted lamp can add sophisticated charm to your bedroom.

Key accents—choose between paintings, plants, pieces of art, beautifully framed photos, decorative bowls, and the like. But keep in mind that in the bedroom, of all the rooms in your house, less is more.

You want accents, statement pieces that stand out, not clutter, which is distracting and not relaxing.

Carpets and rugs for your tired feet. This is part and parcel of the whole luxury experience. Sinking your feet into a plush pile at the end of the day is a welcome relief.

This will depend on your needs and budget, as you can go the wall to wall route, have a couple of matching throws, or just one big piece. But don’t forget to match your color scheme, as you want your carpet to be beautiful but you don’t want it to stand out too much.

Comfortable seating—if your bedroom is big enough to accommodate this, why not have a sofa, a pair of comfortable chairs, or a chaise lounge for a daytime reading nook. Stay within your color scheme, and add a few low tables for placing books and drinks.

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