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Quality sleep is good for our physical as well as mental health since it helps the body to relax so that it can re-energize. When the body re-energizes, it is ready to perform various other functions, and this can be possible if you get better sleep at night.

However, some people often encounter sleeping challenges at night due to a variety of factors. In some cases, secondary issues mainly caused by certain conditions can affect the quality of rest you get at night. For example, some people may experience night chills or night sweats which cause discomfort and affect the quality of sleep.

If you experience these conditions and concerned about the quality of your sleep, BedJet is the ideal machine to buy. The device will give you incredible results, and it is clinically proven by the doctors to help you sleep better. The cooling technology works on any mattress, and it also has warming and sweat drying systems.

What Is BedJet?

BedJet is a device that you can install on your bed to provide you with heating or cooling. It uses climate control bed technology to warm or cool the bed.

The device is a powerful sleep solution that has proven results, and you may not even know that it is there. Bluetooth, and it has a microprocessor that helps to control the air to suit your desired temperature in bed.

The BedJet is a cooling and heating device for beds that you can control using your Smartphone. The device is smart in that you can operate it using an app on your phone.

You do not need to physically restrain the level of temperature like other devices like bedroom fans. You can use a phone in the comfort of your bed to adjust the temperature to suit your needs.

The device has acoustic damping technology and a barium titanate heater the functions below the flush point of dust. This design helps to avoid the odor from the heater.

Source: BetJet.com

The machine also consists of a silky inverter drive DC motor that regulates its operations. The BedJet also has a beautiful listed flameproof cover, and it also offers maximum safety so no fear for electric shocks.

When we sleep, our bodies release heat and moisture and the mattress traps these components. BedJet has a unique design that helps to eliminate night sweats while at the same time getting rid of heat from the body. You can install the device on any size of bed or mattress, and it produces excellent results.

The device is unique in that it does not work as an electric blanket and it is also different from a bedroom fan. It has both cooling and heating systems in a single entity, and they operate efficiently. It is portable unlike other cooling and heating systems in the home.

You just put the devices under your bed, and it works with an extension to warm your bed or cool it. You can adjust the device to suit your sleep temperature instantly.

It works by conditioning the whole bed or one side of your bed only. It comes with an AirComfort Cloud Sheet that enables you to warm the other side of the bed while at the same time cooling the other hand.

BedJet offers you the maximum luxury of never waking up with a chill or feeling hot and tired. The gadget is useful since it helps you to find the perfect sleep temperature on your side of the bed.

It also helps you to gain a healthier and deeper sleep. We spend 30% of our lives sleeping so this device gives you the perfect comfort that can help you rest peacefully.

Why BedJet Is Good For You?

BedJet is a clinically proven device and results from a study including women menopausal women in 2018 show that 94% of them fell asleep faster. When rest time comes, your body and mind should be in a state that can help them to fall asleep more quickly.

Many people face challenges to fall asleep faster, and this can negatively affect their sleep patterns.  The study also shows that 94 % of the women can stay asleep for an extended period and they wake up less frequently at night.

The recommended continuous sleeping time for an adult is about six hours or more. In other words, BedJet is an effective remedy to people who often encounter sleep problems like insomnia.

The study about BedJet also indicates that about 89% of menopausal women significantly improve their daytime functions through its use. These people also do not experience feelings of tiredness during the day.

Daytime fatigue is a problem that can cause various effects such as accidents due to lack of concentration.  The study about BedJet also indicates that about 85 % of menopausal women get hot flash and night sweat relief from using the device.

A night sweat is a condition that can affect your sleep as you are bound to wake up when your body is wet. Hotflash also affects your sleep patterns, and you can easily overcome the problem using BedJet.

If you want to improve the quality of your rest, BedJet is the real deal that will give you incredible results. There are also various benefits that you can get from using this smart device during your sleep time.

BedJet Is Easy to Install

The BedJet is easy to install, and you do not need to hire an expert to perform the task for you. The device comes with an installation manual with simple and easy to follow steps when installing it.

You only need to connect the device to the source of power and place it under the bed where it is not disturbed. You can also put the invention by the side of the bed if it does not fit under specific types of mattresses.

However, one thing you should know is that BedJet does not change the feel of your mattress. If your bed is firm or soft, it does not change because of using this cooling device. The device only has a unique design to control the temperature to suit your needs during sleeping time.

The device also does not come with thick mattress pads, and it also does not have any wires to sleep on. The device also has an excellent design to avoid unexpected incidences like electric shocks if it malfunctions.

BedJet does not come with tubes of water to sleep on.  The device comes with an AirComfort Cloud Sheet, and it fits well between any types of mattresses.

The other important aspect about BedJet is that it is universal and it can function on any bed. What you only need to do is to select the appropriate temperature you want.

Suitable For Married Couples

BedJet keeps you more comfortable through its night sweat management mode that can remove sweat from the bed. Married couples particularly the elderly often experience different sleep temperature preferences.

One person may require some warmth during sleep while the other partner requires cool temperature.  However, the BedJet Dual Zone has an option that can solve this challenge among different married couples with varying sleep preferences.

With this option, you can have the other half of the bed warm while the other one is cool. While about 55 % of the married couples disagree on the sleeping temperature, BedJet can help solve this problem. It helps you to sleep together comfortably with each person enjoying the desired temperature in bed.

Menopausal women also experience night sweats and hot flashes during their sleep, and they have different temperature preferences from their partners. Multiple sclerosis patients usually experience thermal regulation challenges, and cancer patients on chemotherapy also experience sweating problems at night. These people can get significant relief from using BedJet.

Instant Heating And Cooling

BedJet has a silky DC motor that gives you a comfortable temperature that is suitable for peaceful sleep. You only adjust the heat to the desired level, and the device controls it. You can maintain the temperature at a certain level, or you can change it as you like.

The benefit of the device is that its DC motor is quite such that it does not disturb you during sleep. The primary advantage of using BedJet is that its results are instant and you quickly fall asleep.

The device also helps you to sleep for an extended period such that you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.  Bedjet is also right in that it can quickly eliminate moisture from the bed. Moisture in the bed can cause discomfort, and it can also cause odor which is undesirable.

If you wet the bed with sweat during sleep, you can easily use the features of the device to eliminate it. Bedjet can also offer you instant relief for hot flashes. You can experience these hot flashes when you forget to turn on your device the time you go to bed. The moment you turn on your device you can quickly get instant relief from the problem.

The method also gives you immediate relief from wintry weather conditions.  You can wake up to a sharp drop in temperature that disrupts your sleep especially in the early hours of the day.

When you experience this chilling condition during sleep, you can turn to your BedJet that can give you instant relief. You can quickly fall asleep again when you activate your device after experiencing a sudden and uncomfortable change of temperature.

Control The Device Remotely

One smart thing about BedJet is that you can remotely control it using a remote controller or your smartphone. The device operates via Bluetooth such that you can control the temperature in the comfort of your bed.

All the controls of the invention are centralized on a remote controller, and it is easy to operate.  It is convenient in that you do not necessarily need to get out of bed to adjust the temperature on the device.

The temperature requirements of the body change during the night and you need to adjust the device accordingly. When you feel that the temperature is no longer comfortable, you can easily customize it while you are in bed.

BedJet Offers Biorhythm Function

The other important aspect about BedJet is that it lets you program a personalized heating and cooling system of temperatures. You can do this personalization for each hour of the night such that you do not need to adjust the heat during your sleep.

For example, you can program the device to adjust to a specific level of temperature on an hourly basis. After programming it, you no longer need to wake up to regulate the temperature. It usually gets cold during the early hours of the day so you can adjust the temperature accordingly.

The other handsome feature of the machine is that it can replace your noisy alarm clock during wake time. BedJet has a temperature wake-up trigger that wakes you up in the morning. You merely program it so that it wakes you up in style. You can also program the device to switch off during specific wake times.

Energy Efficient

The other notable aspect about BedJet is that it is energy efficient. You do not need to worry about issues related to high electricity bills since the machine is energy efficient. Its mechanism does not require a lot of power for it to function correctly. Apart from being energy efficient, you get an excellent result from using the device and can sleep peacefully.

When you purchase the new cooling bed technology, you get 60-day return guarantee of the product. If you feel that it does not satisfy your needs, then you can return it and claim a full refund of your money.

The guarantee also includes FREE shipping over $99, and you also get free returns.

The prices of BedJet vary depending on the model, but it is the best product in the entire mattress category on Amazon. The product is specially designed to give you value for your money, and you will undoubtedly love it.

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