The Pros And Cons Of Installing An Electric Fireplace

At this time of the year, there is nothing as nice as relaxing in front of a roaring fireplace. If you are searching to buy a fireplace and are not sure whether you want to go through all the trouble of building and installing a traditional fireplace, you should consider installing an electric fireplace. Or, if you already have a traditional chimney-style hearth, consider purchasing a fireplace insert.

Most homes today have an open-floorplan, which means a fireplace can be close to, or even part of, the kitchen and can be seen from dining areas.  The nice thing about open-floorplan homes is they let everyone enjoy the fireplace more than if it were stuck in a small living room or study. With a fireplace, you can warm up your room and you can create a romantic feel in the room without spending too much money.

The Pros and Cons of Having an Electric Fireplace


There are definitely more pros than cons in having an electric fireplace in your home. Especially if you really love having a fireplace in your home, but you don’t have the room for a traditional fireplace.
This fireplace has a longer lifespan than some of the other types of fireplaces. Because you don’t use wood or gas, your fireplace would look like new, even if you do have it for more than ten years. Your fireplace will always look if it is brand new and not used that often. No matter how many times you are going to use the fireplace.

Because the fireplace uses only electricity, you would not have any harmful chemicals like carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide while the fireplace is on. This means that there will be no health risks or fire hazards. It is so much safer to have a fireplace from electricity than some of the other types of fireplaces.

It is much easier to install an electric fireplace than the traditional fireplace that requires a chimney. You will not have that much mess when you are installing the fireplace from electricity. The installation process will also be not as long and complicated as what some of the other fireplaces would be.


The biggest negative of having an electric fireplace is the electric bill can be high at the end of the month. Especially on very cold winter days.

If you are running your fireplace for long periods of time, you can be sure of having an expensive electrical bill. Where the traditional fireplace will only use wood and no extra bills at the end of the month.

electric fireplace

There is nothing like a real fireplace. And by that, we mean a fireplace with a real, wood fire. Nothing comes close to the real thing.

However, sometimes we don’t have a choice and then an electric fireplace is the next best thing.  There are a few cons of having the electric fireplace, but the pros are generally greater.

If you were always dreaming of dining in the evenings in front of a warm fireplace, and you don’t have space for a real fireplace, then you should think about getting the electric fireplace insert. It will look nice and will keep your room warm – without the smoke!

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