Review Of The New Purple Mattress Compared To Original Purple

Purple has a nice little reminder on its product page about just how much people sleep. “You’ll spend 3,500 hours in bed this year. Make em comfy.” There is little to argue about here. We all want the best mattress to make all those hours count.

Well, I am in the market to replace our old mattress and thought about making this search process a blog post.  Narrowed the search down to a brand name called Purple.  The color purple is my wife’s favorite color so that sort of got her excited.  Well, between you and me you cannot even see the purple stuff because your sheets cover up the mattress. But anyway, she really likes it…so back to the company that makes these cool Purple mattresses.

Purple remains convinced that their designs are unbeatable. Especially with the launch of the new Purple mattress range. The question is, are buyers likely to share such a high opinion? Is this model better than its predecessor – or at least better than the competition?

What Is Special About This New Model from Purple?

The Purple mattress has held its own against major competitors, such as Casper, for a while now. There is more to the company’s success than their clever purple colored material. After all, buyers only get to see this layer of the mattress in clever sales diagrams, or if they had an urge to unzip the cover from one. The new Purple mattress – either the Purple 2, 3 or 4 – should be a step up in terms of the comfort provided. There are two important changes to this new approach:

  1. Combination of the Smart Comfort Grid™ and coils
  2. Choice of thicknesses to suit different users

This Purple Mattress review will look at these new changes and material choices to see if they really are better for consumers. It will also cover some of the other important factors for buyers, such as the delivery service and costs. In the end, it there should be some clear pros and cons for a final verdict.

The Secret To A Great Mattress Is The Construction Inside

Consumers often don’t realize the extent of the design within a mattress, they just enjoy the effect. It isn’t until they look at interactive graphics, like those on the Purple mattress website, that they see the intricacies. The comfort grid is the star of the show, with its ability to support users in all the right places. Beneath the grid is a thin polyurethane foam layer for comfort and edge support. Next is the coil system, followed by a second foam layer. These layers all sit within breathable mesh side panels. Finally, they top the mattress off, literally, with a breathable stretch cover. There is also the advantage of durability in the hyperelastic polymers.

Source: Purple

Why is Purple Proud of this Patented Comfort Grid?

Buyers that are new to Purple as a brand may not be familiar with the Comfort Grid design. The company assures buyers that this Comfort Grid is better than memory foam. Their faith in the design comes from the way that the material supports sleepers while remaining cool and breathable. One of the biggest downsides to memory foam in the heat retention, especially during hot summers.

The grid design means more than better airflow. There is a surprising amount of structural integrity here and that has two advantages for buyers. The first is the pressure relief and support. The grid cradles important pressure points in just the right place to help users with pain issues.

The Comfort Grid could then aid neck, back, and hip issues. The other benefit to this grid is motion isolation. This design feature is important for couples, especially if one partner is a light sleeper. Their movement and sudden pressure on their section of the grid shouldn’t affect other areas. Therefore, one partner shouldn’t disturb the other if they get up or change position.

The key to the success of this model is that combination of the coils and grid.

That comfort grid sits upon a “responsive support coil system”. There is a series of individually wrapped coils that respond independently from each other. Independent motion is preferable to traditional interlocking designs because it is more responsive. The coils work with the grid to further improve the pressure relief and ensure that users get a great night’s sleep.

Consumers also need to remember that there are 3 different versions of this new Purple.

The choice of materials was the first difference between this new Purple and the original model. There is also the fact that there are actually 3 products in this new release: The Purple 2, Purple 3 and Purple 4. The names refer to the height/thickness of that comfort grid layer. It is a simple difference that shifts the target audience.

Purple 2

Purple 2 is the upgrade on the original – the “new-school classic”. The main aim here was to provide a similar size and level of comfort, just with improvements. The main improvement here is that combination of the coils with the grid system. There is a section of 7.5 inches of coil and 2 inches of the grid. The target market here is a sleeper that is more inclined to sleep on their back. There is a firmer feel to this option that will benefit those that like a harder mattress and don’t want to sink too deep.

Purple 4

Purple 4 is the one on the other end of the scale. Here the 7.5-inch coils combine with 4 inches of that grid system. Four more inches means more room to sink into the bed, but also 2 extra inches of height. There is a lot of hyperbole around this option on the official sales pages. It is as though they want to draw users to this model above the others, and the prices difference below highlight why.

They talk about the “straight-up scientific marvel” of the design and “zero-gravity like feel”. Yet, this is only really the case if buyers like a really soft mattress. Side sleepers will appreciate the support as they sink into this mattress. Others may not.

Purple 3

Purple 3 is the middle option – the Goldilocks bed that isn’t too hard or too soft and should help users get a good night sleep. Again, the language used by Purple is interesting here. Purple 3 is their “zero compromise”. The grid in this model means a loss or gain of 1 inch, depending on which end of the scale consumes start from. A compromise like this should allow for greater mass appeal with this option. Although, it might not be able to help those with more serious conditions. It is interesting that Purple market this to couples with different mattress preferences. Purple don’t, as yet, have a split mattress. This “compromise”, along with the motion isolation, could be their substitute.

Purple talks about a comfortable mattress for everybody.

This tagline leads to high expectations about a good night’s sleep, regardless of size, weight and sleeping styles. The aim with the materials and shape of the bed is to provide the same level of support regardless of sleeping position. With that in mind, consumers are eager to test out the true benefits of the support system.

There are some positive reviews for the weight distribution on the Purple 3 model in particular. These broad-ranching reviews give weight to the idea that this is the ideal compromise for many different users. Back sleepers can try this out and still enjoy relief from back pain. The support and firmness are greater in Purple 2, but the Purple 3 is still of help here. Side sleepers can enjoy relief from neck and shoulder pain with the Purple 3, but perhaps not as much as with Purple 4. No matter a users’ sleeping position, they are sure to notice the extra bounce in that grid.

Source: Purple

The “SleepTest” Trial Period

Like all the best companies, Purple still offer a good sleep trial for this mattress. They understand that it takes time for users to get used to a new mattress, and to understand if it is really what they need. The company, therefore, advises buyers to wait at least 30 days before deciding to keep or return the items.

The returns period is actually 100 days, which means plenty of time to live with the mattress and get a feel for it. Obviously, users have to treat it well within that time for a full refund – no spills or damage. This long period is more important with this new Purple product than the predecessor.

Those that make an uncertain decision to opt for Purple 2 may realize that they needed more support, leading to an upgrade. Purple 4 buyers that find the mattress too high may switch to the Purple 3 and not lose out on too much in the way of comfort.

What about the delivery service on this new Purple mattress?

The delivery service is where consumers begin to see the downsides in choosing this new model. There is an expectation with mattress buyers these days that an online purchase means a small box and an unrolling product. Companies can blame market leaders like Casper for this preconception. This compact shipping and user-friendly approach doesn’t work in this instance. Instead, buyers have to go the old-fashioned route with a scheduled delivery of a much larger item. The good news here is that this is still a high-end, white glove service.

The reason for all this is simple. First of all, this is a hybrid model with complex material, so doesn’t compress in the same way as memory foam. Secondly, this model is much heavier than the original Purple, so doesn’t meet the weight restrictions for mail order. There is a compromise here between the buyer experience and the quality of the material. Those that are dead set on experiencing the comfort grid and coils must sacrifice on the delivery.

Prices For The Different Purple Mattresses

It won’t surprise people to know that this new Purple Mattress is more expensive than the original. Part of the increased cost is the chance to make some extra cash off a new release. But, there is also the fact that these complex hybrid designs don’t come cheap. It also shouldn’t come as a shock that the more materials that go into the mattress, the more expensive it is. Therefore, the Purple 2 is much cheaper than the Purple 4 because of those 2 inches. The plus side here is durability. The materials within this mattress will last. The flexible grid has a longer lifespan than memory foam. This longevity means that buyers have a quality mattress for longer, making this a solid investment.

Prices are as follows:

  • The Purple 2 starts at $1299
  • The Purple 3 starts at $1899
  • The Purple 4 starts at $2499

That really is a massive difference between the 2 and 4 models. Buyers may find this costing strategy a little unfair. Some need the Purple 4 over the Purple 2 for health issues. Some consumers that would benefit more from the 4 may try and settle for the 2 or 3 to save some money.

Buyers should also remember that each of these new Purple mattresses is available in different sizes. There are Twin XL, Queen, King and the massive Californian King. Prices will again vary depending on the size.

The Pros and Cons of this New Purple Mattress


  1. Better support
  2. New added coils
  3. Motion isolation
  4. 3 thickness choices
  5. good sleep trial period
  6. 10-year warranty


  1. Price differences between the models
  2. White glove delivery service
  3. Heavier than the Original Purple

Is this new Purple Mattress better than the old one?

Better is the wrong word to use here. There are elements to the design and comfort features that should offer improved comfort and support. However, there are also aspects to the service and some knock-on effects that aren’t so beneficial. Those that want this hybrid approach and thicker cushioning have to give up on the idea of a mattress in a small box. It is understandable that some consumers will feel cheated by this, given expectations over modern mattress shopping.

Purple 2 is not any better than Purple 4 as such, they are just different designs on the same theme. They both share the same quality of build and comfort, but for different needs. It is also fair to say that Purple 2 isn’t better than the original Purple mattress. The new design just provides another approach and greater choice for consumers. This idea of choice is why Purple won’t remove the original model for sale. Purple 2, 3 and 4 are not replacements, but rather alternatives for those in need of greater relief.

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