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Purchasing a new mattress is an important decision. After all, you are going to spend most of your life on it. Luckily, with the recent explosion of online mattress companies, obtaining a new mattress is simpler than ever.

Online Mattress companies offer a range of mattress types, without the annoyance of salespeople and expensive retail markup. These organizations have created their mark with a transparent buying process, personalized customer service, and free trial periods of 100 days or more. On top of that, customer satisfaction rates for online and retail mattresses are nearly the same!

Our mattress buying guide tells you everything you will need to know about purchasing a mattress online, such as the tricks you are going to need to watch out to be sure that you get a good deal and a right bed.

Frequently Asked Questions On Online Mattresses

Before moving onto the best online mattress brands, let us examine some frequently asked questions:

What Kinds Of Beds Are Available Online?

You still have your selection of mattress types when you shop online, and sometimes, you may have even more choices Latex mattresses, for example, tend to be more available online, as do highly-customized mattresses like airbeds. Though, stores do often have the widest variety of traditional innerspring beds. Companies selling innerspring mattresses online typically distinguish themselves by including foams. The ones sold on the internet tend to integrate foams for a more comfortable sleep.

Below are the various mattress types:

  • Innerspring mattresses are the most popular, conventional mattress choice. They utilize a foam comfort layer with a steel coil support core. Their bounciness makes them appropriate for sex, and they provide excellent edge support, but they do not conform to the body and also other mattress types, and they’re likely to sag.
  • Memory Foam mattresses are all-foam beds. Their endurance is longer than an innerspring bed and conforms the best into the body, providing a sense of “hug” while you lie in bed. However, they’re known for trapping heat.
  • Hybrid mattresses utilize a pocketed coil support center and contain a number of layers of latex or polyurethane foam on top for comfort. They can contour to the body similar to a memory foam mattress, but without catching heat.
  • Latex mattresses include organic latex foam made from rubber trees. They provide bounce and a rounded contour to the body, but is one of the most expensive options and emit an off-gassing smell for up to a month.
  • Airbeds contains an air chamber for support coated with foam comfort layers. These beds make it possible for users to personalize their stability level through an air pump. They have a tendency to be pricey, although they’re among the most alternatives available.

How Much Do Online Mattresses Cost?

Pricing varies by the mattress. Usually, though, online mattresses can afford to use higher-quality materials and offer a cost 25 to 50 percent less expensive than their in-store equivalents. Latex and airbed models are more costly than foam and innerspring mattresses. An innerspring or foam mattress will average between $800 to $1,200 for a queen size mattress.

Can You Get A Discount?

Just like retail stores offer sales on Memorial Day, Labor Day, and other holidays, so do many online mattress retailers. Plus, you might have the ability to score an additional discount with an affiliate link or a promo code.

Promo Codes are coupon codes offered by the mattress company in their various marketing channels. You can receive promo codes by signing up for their email newsletter, following the company on social media, or listening to a podcast they advertise on.

Companies utilize affiliate marketing programs to boost brand recognition and sales. They provide a special code or link to a blogger or high-traffic site, and each purchase made using that link gets the affiliate a commission. You can usually find these affiliate links on mattress review websites or popular blogs.

Does Online Mattress Provide a Trial before Buying It?

Image: CNBC

Online mattress firms can provide higher-quality mattresses at a much lower price because they do not have to manage the costs of maintaining a retail shop or paying a sales commission. Unluckily, that lower mattress price comes at the expense of not having the ability to try out a bed beforehand. Even though lying on a mattress for 15 minutes at a shop is not a good representative for how it will feel to sleep night after night in your home, it does answer some immediate questions, like if you hate the feel of memory foam or the firmness of a mattress.

To address those concerns, most mattress companies provide trial periods of 100 days or more where you can test the mattress at your home out and return it without any risk. Some mattress brands also have showrooms where you can lie on the bed in person before buying.

Additionally, before you buy your new mattress online, make a particular note of their trial period, the return and delivery charges (if any), the guarantee, and any extra charges.

Best Mattresses to Purchase Online for 2019

These are the best bed-in-a-box manufacturers to use for an online purchase, but not in any particular order or rank:

1. Casper Sleep Foam Mattress

The name Casper is compatible with “mattress-in-a-box,” and it is the most often bought online brand, helping it earn the best spot on the list. Nearly all the customers enjoy this all-foam bed, particularly the cost, ease of purchasing, firm support, and overall comfort. Some mentioned it seems a bit warm, and few did not find it to be comfortable, but the newest allows you to return it.

Trial Interval: 100 nights

2. ALLSWELL Luxe Hybrid Mattress

Allswell Mattress is packed with features, but it is also among the cheapest brands in our roundup. It is not the cheapest, but for what it provides, we think that it’s the best value. It contains memory foam to offer you support, coils for additional comfort, support, and a plush topper to make it even more luxurious. Our research says that this mattress is worth the cost, and many other shows it got rid of the neck and back pain.

Mattress Trial Period: 100 days

3. ZINUS -Green Tea Mattress

This foam mattress has over 24,000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.1-star score and is recorded as the Amazon Choice for beds. Also, it is a popular choice; many people said they bought it due to positive reviews and the affordable cost. Some users did detect a smell initially (though it went off), and not everybody thought it was super comfy. Still, most had no problems whatsoever and said it was equally comfortable and convenient.

There are four mattress lengths available, from 6-inch through 12-inch, and the 6-inch alternative is only $156! The brand makes some unusual green tea antioxidant claims, and we don’t advise you to purchase it for this reason, but the price can’t be beaten.

Trial period: N/A

4. TUFT & NEEDLE- First Mattress

This manageable mattress includes two foam layers: a firm, support layer on the base along with a cushy, cooling layer on top. It is inexpensive and received good reviews for the ordering process and set up for comfort and support. One thing that stands out is the customer support: several individuals said how friendly and helpful the agents are, and there were no problems to report.

The main complaint is that the borders lack assistance, so it could sag if you are sitting on the side. Just a few users said they did not find it comfortable, and the brand says 95 percent of buyers wind up maintaining the mattress.

Trial Period: 100 calendar days

5. HELIX Mattress

You (and your spouse) fill out a quiz about your body and sleep habits, and Helix provides you a personalized match for your perfect mattress. There is soft medium, and firm options also pick for tall and plus-size body types as well as split firmness for when partners have different preferences.

Trial Period: 100 days, but the newest makes you keep it for at least 30 days to give it a real chance.

6. Bedgear M3 Mattress

It’s pricey; however, this hybrid mattress is personalized and can grow with you: the innersprings on each side may be eliminated and replaced with firmer or softer options. Pick from four stability levels per side, and the mattress gets shipped inboxes. This version is new, so there are not too many people using it to provide feedback yet.

Trial period: 100 nights

7. Saatva- Luxury Firm Mattress

The brand is available online only, but unlike others, Saatva’s mattress isn’t compressed into a box: It is created with innersprings and is similar to the conventional mattresses you’ll see in stores. A free delivery service installs it for you and can take away your old mattress, but you get the perks of trying it out for 4 months without penalty.

It got high scores for comfort, support, and overall sleep quality, with added comments like “the ideal mattress.” Users noted that it does feel especially firm, which they like – especially around the edges for getting in and out of bed. If the firm isn’t for you, the brand also has a less-popular plush option.

Trial Period: 120 times (though there is a $99 return pickup fee)

8. TULO Mattress


This mattress gives the best of both internet and in-store shopping: You can test it in any Mattress Firm place but can still benefit from the trial period. It gets shipped compressed in a box, but the firm sets it up for you and pulls away from your old bed.

There are three foam choices: firm, medium, or soft. Some users stated that the medium option was firmer than they assumed. It got good scores for ease of purchasing, comfort, and sleep quality.

Trial period: 120 nights

9. LAYLA SLEEP Mattress


Unsure if you will need a firm or soft option? This foam style provides you both: Simply flip the mattress to alter the support level. It contains copper built-in to avoid the overheating that is generally linked with memory foam, and several users said they find the bed to have proper temperature control.

Most users said they love the mattress and gave it high ratings for support and comfort. Some said it is terrific for side sleepers and conforms nicely to your body.

Trial period: 120 nights

10. PURPLE Original Mattress


This brand is popular for its grid-shaped flexible material at the top layer that is designed to provide both pressure relief and support. It is described as the perfect combination of firm and soft, and customers say that they cannot feel their partners move during the night. Some users noted that the delivery took longer than expected.

This original model has just foam under the grid, but hybrid versions with coils and foam are also available for extra pressure relief and airflow. The most important callout for this brand is that the mattresses are very hefty, but the pricier (and thicker) hybrid models include free setup.

Trial period: 100 nights

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