Six High Quality Toasters That Just Happen To Be Cheap

There are more than 1,000 toasters available for sale in the US today, but the truth is that most are wayyy overpriced.

Even though they all do the same functions, some manufacturers have gone ahead and put high price tags on them.  It’s not surprising to find a toaster going for as much as $500 (!) just because it offers a few added features and a high-end brand name.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to dig deep into your pocket to enjoy the services of a good toaster. Here are 6 top-rated and cheap toasters that have proven to live up to their word.

1. T-Fal Classic Avante

TFal Classic Avante toaster

Designed with an angle front to allow for easy extraction, this two-slice toaster guarantees utmost efficiency and functionality. Selling from $30, you can buy one and enjoy deliciously made toast right from your home. It comes with a pull-out crumb tray, 6 electronic browning settings, unique and attractive styling, self-adjusting toast slots, and anti-jam functions. What’s more, you get cord storage, cool touch exterior, and of course a carrying handle to allow for easy moving.

2. Black & Decker T2560B

Black & Decker 2 Slice Black Toaster T2560B

For those on a tight budget and yet want a quality toaster that comes with many features, this is the model to go for. Besides the self-centering toast racks and the wide self-adjusting slots, it also features great design aesthetics and a strong plastic housing for durability. What’s more, it comes with special bagel settings, defrost function, cancel function, removable crumb tray that’s easy to clean, LED lights that inform users when the toaster is put on, and five browning settings. This model can be obtained from $18.

3. Cuisinart CPT-120

Cuisinart Cpt 120 Compact Cool touch 2 slice Toaster White

Those who know Cuisinart understand that it is a well-respected manufacturer of electronic appliances. This model is one of their latest cheap toasters, which they have decided to make with major features that can also be found in other top-rated models out there. It comes with a size of 10 X 5 X 6.5- inch, great styling, and a wrap cord, all which make it ideal for those with limited counter space. Many users say that they love the extra time that’s added to accommodate bagels, lift lever for small pieces, and reheat option that helps in warming toast without any additional browning. It goes for less than $30.

4. Proactor Silex/Hamilton Beach 22605

Proctor Silex 22605 2-Slice Toaster

Selling for as low as $10, this model is definitely a decent purchase for those looking for an inexpensive toaster for simple functions. Although it lacks some complicated features found in other models, it does give value for money. It is extra wide and comes with 1.5-inch slots, bread guides that are self-adjusting, and a dial that gives users control over their preferred browning levels. Most users say that they love how this model toasts bagels and bread evenly, a factor that makes it ideal for those on a budget.

5. Oster 6307/6309

Oster 6307 Inspire 2 Slice Toaster Metallic Red

One thing consumers will note with this model is the unique retro styling. It comes with a housing that’s red-brushed with black trim, wide slots to allow for toasting thick artisan breads and bagels, and 7 browning settings for easy control. Better still, it features defrost, warming and cancel functions, as well as high rack lift for quick toast retrieval. Users can get this toaster for as low as $27

6. Toastmaster T100

Toastmaster toaster

Selling for less than $10, this toaster offers features and functionality just like other big names in the toaster market. It comes with a thin and glossy white casing made of metal that’s easy to clean. It is also designed with a crumb tray, automatic shutoff, five browning levels, and wider toast slots. Although it doesn’t have the defrost function, it promises to make delicious toasts just the way users love them. It offers more than its price!

Consumers who are looking for good toasters and yet are on a tight budget can now smile because there are many models that they can get today and enjoy the same functionality as that of bigger and more expensive ones.

These top 6 cheap toasters have proven to live up to their word, and countless cooks have attested to their efficacy when it comes to preparing delicious toasts, waffles, bagels the like. They incorporate settings for easy control and come with enough slot sizes to ensure consumers are fully covered. All of them have enjoyed great reviews among users on the internet, proving that toasters don’t have to be expensive to get the job done.

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