Useful Tips To Give A Longer Life To Your Mattresses

Best Useful Tips For Mattress Care

You need to properly look after your mattress to retain the comfort and support it gives you. Good mattresses last up to 10 years. For your mattress to last that long, use the following tried and tested mattress care tips. The tips will ensure you get a healthy sleep while sleeping in a bed that looks and feels like new.

How to make your mattress last longer:

1. Invest In A Good And Strong Bed Frame

Mattress Care

Avoid placing your new mattresses on shapeless and broken-down beds. Such beds are not only bad for your mattresses but also interfere with the comfort of your loved ones. Instead, invest in good-quality, correct-size, and strong beds. Experts recommend checking your bed’s support once every year to ensure that there are no broken slats that can negatively affect your mattress.

2. Cover With A Mattress Protector

Mattress Care

Water-resistant mattress protectors keep spilled liquids and dust from accumulating in your mattress. They also make cleaning easier because you do not have to remove your mattress cover whenever there is an accidental spill. Bodily fluids degrade foams leaving behind nasty odors. The fluids also produce mildews and mold within your mattress layers. Without a mattress protector, spills soak deep below the mattress surface thereby ruining its look and feel.

3. Keep Your Mattress Clean

Mattress Care

While a mattress protector keeps your mattress clean, if you do not have one yet, adopt mattress care best practices that involve cleaning your mattress regularly to lengthen its lifetime. Treat stains and spills as fast as possible.

Spread warm soapy water on the stained sections of your mattress. While applying the soapy water exercise caution lest you soak the fabric of your mattress (moisture encourages mold growth). To speed up the cleaning, you can either place the mattress outside in the sun to dry or use a hair dryer (with gentle settings on).

4. Get Your Pets Their Own Separate Beds

Mattress Care

Pets bring a wide range of problems to bed. Besides slobbering, sweating and shedding hair, they are susceptible to accidents which can ruin your mattress a great deal. Even well-groomed pets occasionally walk outdoors picking and bringing mites and bugs to your bed. Avoid all these problems by getting them their separate beds to snug in.

Tips To Keep Your Mattresses Last Longer

  • Flip your mattress frequently. Flipping ensures even wear and tear of your mattress. For a single sided mattress, turn it 180 degrees at least once every month. Regularly turning a mattress is of particular importance to a visco-elastic or latex mattresses as it helps the fabric fillings of such mattresses settle down more uniformly.
  • Make a habit of airing your mattress on a daily basis. When you wake up in the morning, throw back bedclothes and leave your mattress to air for some 20 minutes for body moisture to evaporate. Open your bedroom windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate inside the room. Do this often and your mattress will remain both clean and dry for long.
  • Do not sit on the edge of your bed or allow pets and children to jump on your mattresses. If you are hard on certain sections of your beds, your mattresses will wear down faster and last only a fraction of their projected lifetime.
  • Use a padded mattress cover. A mattress cover not only prevents stains but also preserves the shape of the top of your mattress. While sleeping, you shed oils, sweat and skin cells. You, therefore, need to wash your mattress cover after every one or two weeks.
  • Vacuum regularly. Cleaning your mattress frequently is the best way of keeping it fresh, clean and free of allergens. It also eliminates all the dead skin debris, dust mites, and dirt that collect and nest in your mattress and beddings over time. Failure to clean it regularly makes it look and feel old fast, necessitating the purchase of a new one.
  • Follow manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines when cleaning and removing stains from your mattresses. Such guidelines recommend spot treating stains using a mild soapy solution. Do not use harsh chemicals cleaners to deal with stubborn stains; such cleaners break down foam integrity thereby reducing its lifespan.


Mattresses are essential investments and hence require utmost care. While the lifespan of a mattress depends on several factors, by following the above expertly-recommended mattress care tips best practices you will get the most mileage from your mattress. The practices will enable you to attain maximum comfort while enjoying many years of sound sleep.

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