Nine Ultimate Home Design Hacks From The Top Designs Gurus

Everyone loves having a modish and great design in his/her house. To achieve the ultimate decoration for your home, beginning from the keeping the wiring hidden seamlessly, hanging gallery walls and knowing the exact position for the lights, then below are the top decoration tips for you.

1. Find The Correct Rug Size

Home Design Hacks

This is one of the most important hacks that will make your room look perfect. When it comes to choosing the size of the rug, then it is important that you buy a relatively bigger rug that fits the seating area. This is according to Emily Henderson, who is the HGTV host and designer. By having a larger rug, you will make the room appear larger, and this is one of the steps to having a classy decoration for your room.

2. Come Up With A Gallery Wall

Home Design Hacks

An overwhelming gallery wall is what you will love to have in your room. For you to achieve this, it is advisable to get started out with the ton of unstructured space. Besides this, you can quickly come up with a cohesive look by having an array of white, black and some mirrored frames. This is a good way of bringing out an excellent look in your living room.

3. Carry Out A Pre-Purchase Test

Finding a versatile item that you can use in about three areas within your house is crucial. Through this, you will be saving cash of buying three different things. This, therefore, implies that you can easily avoid purchasing a new piece for your home designs.

4. Use Texture In Designing

Home Design Hacks

This is another smart home design hack that will give your home a sophisticated look. The use of texture in the design of your room is the ultimate solution for rooms that doesn’t seem complete despite the number of knickknacks, lamps, and vases in the room. By finding high-quality texture like the Nutella on toast, then it will make the room look complete and eye-catching. Give this a try, and you will love the home design technique.

5. Find The Correct Heights For All The Lamps

Home Design Hacks

The amount of light within the room greatly depends on the height of the lamps. Based on the amount of light you will require for different activities, for example, reading, there is always a good position to keep the lamp. The most recommendable heights for your lamps should range from about 58 to 64 inches. The same height also applies to the floor lamps. This is one of the best home design hacks highly recommended for your room.

6. Let Your Window Be The Headboard

Home Design Hacks

When it comes to home design, the amount of light entering your bedroom is vital. For you to open up the whole bedroom, then it is crucial to put your bed in front of the window. Through this, you will be softening and adding more height in the room.

7. Lay Out Your Space Properly

One of the ways you can enhance your home design is to ensure a neat arrangement in your room space and the layout of furniture is the best. Sometimes it is hard to tell the ideal spots for each and every furniture you got at home. One home design hacks include doing a little research and knowing the strategic places you will keep your furniture.

8. Keeps Cords Away From The Sight

Home Design Hacks

You can have a beautifully decorated area, but you can also mess this up by wires that appear all over the floor space. To compliment a great home design, you can avoid this by looking for a cute polka dotted box and keep your wires in it. This creates a hiding spot that is adorable for the wires which aren’t very appealing.

9. Have A Popcorn Ceiling

Home Design Hacks

Do you have an ideal room, but your ceiling is not interesting or exciting at all? Relax…. You can now get an eye-catching ceiling and change the appearance of your room. An effective way of doing this is by painting a popcorn ceiling. The best way of doing this is by using a screwdriver to coming up with a color line that is clean. By using a flat-head screwdriver, you can create cute bumps and enhance the appearance of your room.

These are some of the top home design hacks that you need to give a try for an elegant look. For a perfect design, you should purchase quality and large stuff like rugs that will make your room appear larger. Having a popcorn ceiling paint and much more will bring out the awesome look you will love.

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