Vintage Bedroom Decor Ideas

Vintage is the new buzz word. Everyone is moving back in time to experience exquisite nature of the traditional style of living. Vintage means living through the lens of 1040’s and 1950’s.

if you are one of the people looking for a change in bedroom décor ideas, you are going to love the vintage style! Vintage décor can bring in nostalgic and traditional elements into your house, including wide varieties of styles from different eras. Here are a few tips on helping you out with your bedroom interior design:

Let’s Make Use Of Fabrics: Find some decorative bedding items that give a vintage feel. If you can get some linen, then you can create your line of cushions and bedding stuff.Use colorful fabrics for pillows and bed linens, and add a huge print of cultural icons from the classic era on the wall for an impression of 1950s vintage period. For a 1920s period, put out art décor into the bedroom, or you can use the skins of a fake animal which were all craze at that that period.

Go Colorful: Put some life into the old items with a paint brush. Spray paint in bold color and display them on the wall. When putting some color into your bedroom decorating ideas, start by making good use of permanent things such as furniture, and placing vintage handbags on box shelves above a bed. It will look more lively and cool. Depending on your changing mood and taste, add in blocks of pattern, color, and texture as you go.

Vintage Bedroom Decor

Shop For Little Furniture: Take a trip to nearby antique shop for collecting a few items. Be creative and try to turn an antique desk into a dressing table.Plus, you can set your bedroom walls with vintage prints. You can add Old lamp shade near to the bedside table to imitate your penchant for an older era.

Twinkle Light And Sheer Gauze Curtain Headboard Over Bed: Explore through the vintage style of putting Twinkle Light and Sheer Gauze Curtain Headboard over your bed. Combine ruffled lace curtains with an old brass bedframe for a more refined look.

Fancy Candelabras: Using fancy candelabras is a cool way to design your bedroom. It will create a dark, moody feel in a bedroom. Hang onto delicate affluence – Romance doesn’t have to mean fussing, but a little itemizing can add warmth and cordiality to a sleek room.

Add More Items To The Room: To make your bedroom look vintage, fill up the entire room with flea market goodies. Display some figurines; create a collection of an old tray and some other old fashioned kitchen items. It can provide the space a bedroom needs, perfect for an afternoon escape.

Vintage Bedroom

Add Shelves: Use old boards for creating fabulous old shelves for knickknacks, books, show pieces and much more. Use wooden wall cabinet shelves for an old scruffy shelf unit.Adding wall shelves in your master bedroom gives it mid-20th-century looks. You can complete the retro home interior design by placing a small TV on the counter top of the shelves.

Use Old Doorknobs: Creating a crafty chic design in the bedroom won’t be expensive. Add simple old doorknobs with an innovative manner. These doorknobs can be used as a picture holder, coat hangers, curtain hooks, etc.Give old doorknobs a whole new purpose in your bedroom. The addition of a gorgeous dresser will be a seamless example of reuse of old doorknobs.

Window Art: Having old window as an artwork is a perfect décor idea for the bedroom. Designed in a palette of champagne shades, you can hang it sideways for a great mood.If you have an old French door in the bedroom, you can fill the sections with your favorite photos, and transform your bedroom completely into a retro style.

Bedroom Decor Ideas

Create Storage Space: Place some wooden crates for creating extra storage space in the room. From storing shoes to jewelry, a wooden crate is a smart way to stock little stuff. Or, you can just put old suitcases to some good use.You can use them for storing craft supplies, and much more.

Make the most of even the least of sleep spaces with cool storage ideas, without covering up space. Put in an in-built cubicle that doubles up as a dresser for creating a more storage area in the bedroom.

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